West Park Lutheran School
West Park Lutheran School Mission
West Park Lutheran School's mission is to lead our children to know and respond to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior while providing academic excellence.

We strive to provide thorough instruction in God's Word as well as teach all the required elementary and junior high subjects.  Our goal is that knowledge, when taught in harmony with the Holy Scriptures, may help boys and girls to live successfully, and in accord with the Word and will of God.

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Christ Centered
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Welcome to West Park Lutheran School
We invite you to visit our Christian school and experience a partnership with parents in educating each child. Our entire faculty and staff appreciate the opportunity to partner with parents to tell children about our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who is our wonderful God. West Park Lutheran School is a ministry of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Holy Cross Lutheran Church maintains and supports the school with its students and its financial support.
Preschool - 8th grade
We have been blessed to add a Boy Scout and Cub Scout program to our school. Stay tuned for few photos of their most recent activities. 
Your child deserves to reach his or her potential. At West Park Lutheran School, we match your child to learning experiences at his or her academic level, allowing your child to grow in ways that other, more traditional programs do not allow.
We offer a safe learning environment in a Bible-based Christian school; Prekindergarten through 8th grade on one campus; after care and before care; speech services; tutoring services through our Title 1 tutor; technology experiences with I-Pads, Smart Boards, ELMOS, a computer lab, and a Smart Table; and participation in the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program.
Our Approach
Since our philosophy and purpose are to provide a sound religious education, it is natural that children attending our school receive regular religious instruction in addition to that provided in church and at home (Bible history, memorization and Bible reading). Some of the primary subjects in the religion courses are Bible history, memorization and Bible reading. We consider these as the foundation upon which the Lutheran school curriculum as a whole is built.

The immediate objective of West Park Lutheran School with respect to the academic branches of study is the development of desirable and necessary skills, abilities, and attitudes. Parents may be assured that every effort is made toward realization of this important objective. Due to our limited class size the opportunity for close attention to the individual needs of each child is enhanced.

The Core Curriculum for elementary and junior high school outline the curriculum to be followed in all schools in Ohio.  West Park Lutheran School carries out this curriculum and in addition provides for the spiritual growth of children through its course of study as outlined.  A student must receive a passing grade in religion in order to be promoted to the next grade level.